Superhealth: Kundalini Yoga & Meditation for Addiction Recovery

It’s often a response to trauma, mental health issues, or extended time spent in a high-stress environment. According to the theory behind Kundalini meditation, life energy lies at the base of your spine (root chakra), coiled like a snake — and that’s where its name comes from. This meditation is for everyone & anyone, from those wanting quit an addiction to sugar to those in rehabilitation for drug & alcohol dependence. It’s also helpful in assisting in mental dis-ease, phobias & general insecurity. Another study also showed significant deactivation of the amygdala after a 12-week Iyengar yoga program 6. In addition, an 8-week mindfulness meditation program showed a significant increase in size of the hippocampus 7.

  • If you don’t quit when your ego tells you to, it will eventually stop chattering in the background.
  • To sit in this part of our mind gives us a greater ability to see the underlying feeling that causes the compulsions.
  • Close your eyes softly so that they are about 90% closed.
  • Take breaks when you need to, and drink plenty of water before and after meditation.
  • This is simply because you’re doing things you’ve never done.
  • A pilot study was completed this year by Dr. Julie Staples, Daniel Mintie, and Dr. Sat Bir Singh Khalsa using an Integrative Trauma Recovery Program.

The History of Kundalini Yoga, Explained

Dr. Jinani published a second study with open-ended questions asking the same participants of the Kundalini Yoga trauma program about their experience 2. They reported a variety of changes in well-being including more positive mood and behaviors, greater capacity for self-reflection, improved mental clarity, and higher self-esteem. Chronic physical pain often also hurts people emotionally.

addiction meditation kundalini

Revealed: How Meditation Can Calm Your Emotional World

addiction meditation kundalini

The Kundalini Method can be done within a class or on your own. If you’re new to meditation or to this particular form of yoga, starting with a class or a buddy who’s experienced could be helpful while you’re getting used to the stages. This type of yoga aims to “awaken” or “activate” the energy stored at the base of your spine — within your root chakra — causing the energy to move through your chakras. The term Kundalini means “the coiled one,” which refers to the coiled holy energy that yogis believe exists at the base of each person’s spine. This circular energy resembles that of a sleeping and calm coiled snake. Include it in your meditation routines, and your day to day life, for increased strength against addiction and reduced withdrawal symptoms.

  • Feel it massage the thumbs and apply a firm pressure with the hands.
  • Now I am satisfied with a couple of bites of Golden Temple Ginger Snap Granola or goat’s milk vanilla yogart.
  • The Kundalini Method can be done within a class or on your own.

Embodying the 12 Steps: Kundalini Yoga & Meditation for Freedom from Addiction

Next, bring your body still by lying down on your back. According to Yogi Bhajan, this meditation is daily for up to 40 days to feel the full benefits of clearing the subconscious. This is because Kundalini yoga’s mental focus and power is a pathway that connects our pineal and pituitary glands. Sober House While chanting, imagine this cord running through your blood vessels all over the body. Visualize its movement and energy to improve focus and help you get into a more profound meditation. To experience all the benefits of Sa Ta Na Ma meditation, it’s essential to note the various components.

addiction meditation kundalini

  • You don’t mask your pain—instead, it helps you to reveal the pain and then release it.
  • And no matter how much water we drink, if it does not come from the few vital sources left on the Planet, our body’s thirst for water is not totally quenched.
  • The second step is to embrace it, NOT deny it or try to suppress it.
  • She became a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher in 2011 and immediately went to Liberia in West Africa to teach Kundalini Yoga to civil war refugees.
  • Crystal Raypole has previously worked as a writer and editor for GoodTherapy.

Living A Sober Lifestyle after Rehab And Reaping The Benefits Of Sobriety

  • In our modern culture, addictive behavior is everywhere.
  • Chronic physical pain often also hurts people emotionally.
  • A research study on chanting showed that people in an MRI machine chanting “OM” had significant deactivation of the amygdala 5.
  • Sit on the floor cross-legged or sit in a chair with your weight resting on your feet.
  • Most importantly, focus on the consciousness and energy coiled in the base of your spine.
  • This could be anywhere from three minutes to two and a half hours.

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